Download the Spring Timetable 

At Oxenhope Church of England Primary, we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular which your child may be able to join. We usually offer places on a first come first served basis but do occasionally specifically target children for places.

The clubs run on a yearly, termly or half-termly basis with recruitment drives at various points in the year. They are run by staff members, parents or external providers, who have all had the relevant legal checks.

Information about clubs is sent home via a letter in your child’s book bag.

Please find a timetable of this half-term’s extra-curricular clubs in this section of the website.

Access for all:

As stated in our extra-curricular clubs policy;

Clubs are advertised to all children and where barriers to children participating exist we try to overcome these by providing alternative solutions:

  • Running lunchtime clubs for those children who have difficulties staying after school
  • Ensuring a member of school staff is always on site to support children with special needs should an issue arise
  • Addressing any other special needs that might require adaptation of the school environment
  • Each child will be offered the opportunity to attend an appropriate club.

All club leaders will be advised of children with special needs and health issues who are participating in their club. Special arrangements may need to be made for these children in discussion with the school leadership team.

For the full policy please refer to the policy section of our website.

Pupil Premium:

If your child qualifies or has previously qualified for Free School Meals then they fall into our Pupil Premium category. If we as a school feel that a certain extra-curricular club may benefit your child then some of their pupil premium funding will go towards funding their place on the club.

For more information on Pupil Premium and how to apply for Free School Meals, please go to the Pupil Premium section of our website or go to